Advertiser Spotlight: Signature Needle Arts

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We are so thankful to Signature Needle Arts for being a long-time supporter of Petite Purls. Signature Needles are beautifully crafted metal needles that feel as luxurious as the yarn knitted with them.

Signature Needles crafts single pointed, double pointed, and circular needles.  For the single pointed, you can choose your point profile: Stiletto, Middy or Blunt, as well as the needle length: 7″, 10″ or 14″. To top it off (literally), you can also choose your decorative end cap: Bell, Tear or Spiral. These beautiful needles can be as customized as you want them to be. Circulars can be purchased either as convertible or fixed.

If you have never had the opportunity to try these needles, I urge you to! I have had the opportunity to use both the circulars and dpns and they are lovely. If you love knitting lace, or enjoy beaded or jewelry work, these needles with the stiletto point are the way to go.


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Advertising Spotlight: Marketplace Advertisers

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Today I will tell you about our sponsors from the Marketplace: Three Fates Yarn and Pollika.


Three Fates Yarn is owned and operated by Stephania Fregosi, who happens to be an old friend of mine from college! She offers hand-dyed, hand-painted and kettle-dyed sock yarns and fiber for knitters, crocheters and other crafters.  Her colors are vibrant and she offers many different weights of yarn. I had the opportunity to catch up with Stephania and see her yarns at Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle last Spring, and they are lovely.

On her Etsy profile, Stephania explains about the title of her business, Three Fates:

Who are the Three Fates? The maiden, the mother and the crone, or the spinner, the weaver and the cutter (of the thread of life). Also, me myself and I. In mythology, the Three Fates are Greek goddesses that control human lives, but I think if we had gods and goddesses of fiber arts, they would be it. I always think of the three witches in the Scottish play, conversing over a dye pot, “When shall we three meet again.”

These days, perhaps its me as a mother, me as a dyer and me as a career woman…

Stephania lives and works in Salem, OR with her husband and their young daughter.



We are fortunate to have Pollika as a long-time sponsor for Petite Purls.  Pollika is the North American distributor for the following products:

*Luxury Undyed Yarns from Yarnundyed in the United Kingdom and exquisite Hand-dyed Yarns from Ancient Arts.
*RibbonXL Recycled Cotton ribbon Yarn from Holland.
*100% Wool Felt, Wool Roving, Doll Jersey, Felt Doll Kits and Waldorf Doll Making supplies from
De Witte Engel, Holland.
*Stunning Silk & Cotton Threads and Felting Fibers from Painter’s Threads, Germany.
*Handcrafted Wooden Shawl Pins designed in Switzerland.
*Trend setting fashion Buttons from Deknofa, Holland.
One of the products that Pollika carries is Wope. Wope is a Woolen Jute based cord that is perfect for creating sturdy, high functioning pieces. Think ottomans, rugs, and those great knitted poofs everyone is crazy about. Wope is also great for purses and jewelry.

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Advertiser Spotlight: Mochimochi Land

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We love having Anna Hrachovec and her super cute Knit Kid and Purl Girl in our Superhero issue! If you are a fan of Anna’s work, in a BIG WAY, you will be very excited to know that she has a new book coming out in October:

Photo by Anna Hrachovec/Mochimochi Land


Yes! Anna has super-sized her adorable mochimochi into HUGE and HUGGABLES! I just LOVE the gnome. What a snuggly friend he would make!

(Jumbo Gnome is actually a pattern available on Anna’s site already, but was the inspiration for the new book)

The book will have 20 all-new patterns for really big, squeezable toys. I’m sure it will be a blast. And we will make sure to include a review of the book in one of our upcoming issues.

There will be a pre-sale for the book soon on Anna’s site, so make sure you check soon and often!


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