Ticking Blanket

by Jennifer Braico

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Ticking has a humble background. Historically used as a very durable fabric for aprons, pillow and mattress coverings, this workhorse was brought out into the light in the 1940s, used in everything from café curtains to decorator pillows. Today, ticking embodies a casual, comfortable feel. 

To me, ticking says homemade pies, a return to simpler times and relaxation. My school-age children have long outgrown their baby blankets, so I set out to make a blanket that might survive their teenage years; sturdy cotton yarn hopefully will be up to the task.



Finished Measurements

50 inches x 58 inches


Rowan Denim [100% cotton; 102 yards/93 meters per 1.75 ounce/50 grams skein];

#229 Memphis MC; 18 skeins

Rowan Handknit Cotton [100% cotton; 93 yards/85 meters per 1.75 ounce/50 gram skein];

#337 Tangerine Dream CC; 2 skeins
#310 Shell; 2 skeins
#351 Cassis; 2 skeins
#327 Aqua; 2 skeins
#303 Sugar; 2 skeins
#219 Gooseberry; 2 skeins
#305 Lupin; 2 skeins

Recommended needle sizes

US #5/3.75mm 24-inch circular needle
US #5/3.75mm 60-inch circular needle


Crochet hook
Yarn needle to weave in ends


22 sts and 28 rows = 4 inches (10 cm) over St st using larger size needles.
If necessary, adjust needle size to get the correct gauge.

Pattern Notes

The squares require 14 skeins of Handknit Cotton and 14 skeins of Denim; joining and edging require four skeins of Denim. The unmercerized cotton used in this pattern will shrink after the blanket is washed and dried. Measurements before washing and drying were 51 inches x 64 inches.

This blanket is a very portable project until you start joining the squares, making it convenient knitting for the parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle on the go. The squares are joined by picking up stitches and binding off together; no sewing is necessary.

Skills Required

Picking up stitches, i-cord bind-off.

Squares (make 20)

Using the shorter needle and MC, cast on 60 sts.
Rows 1 and 2: Work 2 rows in St st; drop MC.
Rows 3 and 4: With CC, work 2 rows in St st, drop CC.
Rows 5 and 6: With MC, work 2 rows in St st, drop MC.
Rows 7-86: Repeat Rows 3-6, 20 times. (21 stripes of CC and 22 stripes of MC)
Cut CC.
With MC bind off all sts. Weave in ends.

Joining Squares
To prepare for joining squares into five horizontal strips of four squares, lay out all squares, arranging as desired. Attach small notes to each square, labeled 1-20, to determine which square is joined next in each strip.

Using MC and shorter needle, and with RS facing, pick up 53 stitches along the end of rows. (This is almost 2 sts for 3 rows, skipping a few here and there.)

Knit across the wrong side and lay square aside.

Take the square marked #2 and repeat pickup row and knit row.

Holding wrong sides of squares #1 and #2 together, work 3-needle bind off across all stitches. (Try a crochet hook as your 3rd needle for 3-needle bind off. It works beautifully!)


Joining Strips
Once you have five horizontal strips of four squares each, you can start to join them in the same manner you joined the squares before.

Using the longer needle, with the front side of the top strip facing you, pick up 243 stitches across all four squares. This is a 1-for-1 pick-up ratio, including adding four three stitches for the denim joining rows between squares.
With ease in your tension, knit across the wrong side, lay strip aside.

Pick up second strip and repeat pick-up row and knit row.

Holding wrong sides of strips #1 and #2 together, work 3-needle bind off across all stitches. Join the remaining strips in the same manner. Weave in all ends.



Using the longer needle, pick up a total of about 277 stitches, which is about 53 stitches along the side of each square and 4 three stitches for each denim joining strip.

*With ease in your tension, knit 3 rows, ending after knitting a WS row.

With RS facing, cast on three stitches using the cable cast-on and BO all stitches using i-cord bind-off.* Repeat for the opposite side of the blanket.

For the top and bottom of the blanket, pick up stitches on a 1-to-1 ratio, 240 stitches plus four three for each denim joining strip and edging: a total of about 251 stitches. Repeat from * to *. Weave in all edges; throw in the washer and dryer.

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Jennifer Braico owns Yarn Play Café and is a freelance writer, a mother of two special
snowflakes and a knitter of 11 years.



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