by Stana D. Sortor

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Last winter we had an abundance of snow everywhere. When it was time for a snowball fight, however, snow was too powdery and the snowballs did not hold together. The children were disappointed. An idea occurred to me, it would be easier to knit a snowball rather then trying to make one from the powdery snow. This knitting pattern is the result: the perfect snowballs for the best snowball fight ever, even in the middle of summer.



Finished Size

3 inch diameter


Red Heart® Super Saver® [100% Acrylic; 364 yards/333 meters per 7 ounce/ 198 gram skein];

0311 White; 1 skein

Recommended needle sizes

US #3/3.25mm double pointed needles (set of 4)


Yarn needle
stitch marker
polyester fiberfill (1 small bag)


18 sts and 25 rows = 4" in St st

Pattern Notes

The snowballs are knitted in rounds on double pointed needles. The pattern begins at the bottom and ends at the top of the ball. The more knitted snowballs are available, the greater the snowball battle could be.

Skills Required

Knitting on double pointed needles.


Using dpns, cast on 6 sts and divide evenly on 3 needles. Place marker, being careful not to twist, join to begin working in the round.
Row 1: Knit around.
Row 2: Kfb around: 4 sts per needle, 12 sts total.
Row 3: Knit around.
Row 4: Kfb around: 8 sts per needle, 24 sts total.
Row 5: Knit around.
Row 6: * Kfb, k1; repeat from * around: 12 sts per needle, 36 sts total.
Rows 7-9: Knit around.
Row 10: * Kfb, k3; repeat from * around: 15 sts per needle, 45 sts total.
Rows 11-15: Knit around. 
Row 16: * Ssk, k3; repeat from * around: 12 sts per needle, 36 sts total.
Rows 17-19: Knit around.
Row 20: * Ssk, k1; repeat from * around: 8 sts per needle, 24 sts total.
Row 21: Knit around.
Thread the tail of yarn from the cast on stitches on a yarn needle. Stitch through all of the cast on stitches, pull up tight to close the hole, and stitch to secure. Begin to stuff the ball with fiberfill.
Row 22: Ssk around: 4 sts per needle, 12 sts total.
Row 23: Knit around.
Row 24: Ssk around: 2 sts per needle, 6 sts total.
Finish stuffing. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread yarn needle with tail. Weave through remaining sts, gathering tightly to close; stitch to secure.

First snowball is finished. Repeat to have enough balls for the perfect snowball fight.


BG had a blast tossing them at everyone, and stacking them.



We thought LG was using a defensive tecnique.


But as it turned out she was was just snuggling the snowballs.
A fantastic activity for when it's too cold to go out and the kids have energy to burn.

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Designer Photo

My grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet when I was a little girl. Ever since I
learned to knit and crochet I took my projects everywhere. Of course I have experienced some sidesteps on my knitting path, like trying to be an artist, photographer or writer, but I always returned to my favorite activity. It was when my child was born, I discovered that I can create and design knitted toys. I have not stopped since. I love doing it.



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