Sewn Egg Chick Tutorial

by Kata Golda

Making lots of eggs and some baskets for spring, I came up with the egg chick because something felt
missing....an egg with a cute face...looked like Humpty Dumpty. A chicken, that was a bigger endeavor....so here is the egg chick. Just the perfect size for little hands to hold, to slip in a bag when needing to bring along a little toy, to give as a gift.

Lunch Sacks



Pattern Template
Felt of assorted colors
6 ply brown embroidery floss
6 ply orange embroidery floss
6 ply embroidery floss to match felt


1. Cut all pieces using the templates as a guide.  1 egg shape, 1 beak, 2 wings, 1 tail

2. Embroider eyes using 3 strands of 6 ply brown embroidery floss, attach beak with 3 small stitches at corners using 1 strand of 6 ply orange embroidery floss,  attach wings  with 2 strands of 6 ply embroidery floss in the color of the chick using a running stitch (look at illustration 1 for placement of the eyes, beak and wings).  Before you begin sewing make sure to put a secure knot at the end of your thread and when you are finished sewing make sure to knot off.  All of the knots should be on what will be the inside of the chick.

Lunch Sacks

3. Beginning at base, join a and b using 2 strands of 6 ply embroidery floss in the color of the chick using a blanket stitch.

4. Join a and c, stitching from the top down and knot and weave thread ends in.

5. Fold tail piece in half lengthwise, insert smaller end in the opening at the base between b and c.  Use the 2 strands of embroidery floss in the chick color and the blanket stitch to close last seam of egg while attaching the tail.  Stop stitching half way up and stuff, then stitch to the top of the egg knot and weave in thread end.

Chic Peices


Kata lives in Port Townsend, WA and works where ever she is as she always has some stitching, a pencil and paper in her bag. Her favorite place to stitch is in the olympic mountains. She loves the sun, summer, and her garden. When her hands are not in the dirt she's sitting on a big blanket full of projects in her yard.....if it is not rainy and cold of course. Kata loves the early, early morning as she is uninterrupted, creative and awake. She doesn't answer the phone after 8pm...she might be sleeping.

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